List of shapes in Spanish

List of shapes in Spanish language. Learn how to say names of common shapes like circle, rectangle, triangle, square in Spanish

It’s relatively easy to learn names of shapes in Spanish as most of them are Latin roots. So they are pretty similar to their English equivalent. Here we’ve listed out a list of names of shapes in Spanish. Let’s learn how to say some common shapes like circle, square, triangle, rectangle, and many other uncommon ones from Spanish to English language.

List of shapes in Spanish

  • Shape – Figura/Forma
  • Circle – Círculo
  • Rectangle – Rectángulo
  • Triangle – Triángulo
  • Square – Cuadro
  • Star – Estrella
  • Spiral – Espiral
  • Diamond – Diamante
  • Arch – Arco
  • Cube – Cubo
  • Hexagon – Hexágono
  • Octagon – Octágono
  • Pentagon – Pentágono
  • Pyramid – Pirámide
  • Semicircle – Semicírculo
  • Point – Punto
  • Oval – Ovalo
  • Heart – Corazón
List of shapes in Spanish
List of common shapes in Spanish

To say what shape something is, you just need to say: Tiene la forma de un _____.

Remember that most of Spanish shapes are masculine. So they would be preceded by the masculine indefinite article un except for star/estrella. This word is feminine and should be preceded by una.