Say Goodbye in Spanish

Learn how to say Goodbye in Spanish in different context. Spanish words and expressions for Goodbye in spoken and written language

Say Goodbye in Spanish

There are different ways to say Goodbye in Spanish depending on the context and the person you’re talking to. In this lesson, you will show you how to say Goodbye in Spanish in formal, polite, or casual context! Learning how to say Goodbye is one of the first common lessons to any language beginners.

Say Goodbye in Spanish
How to say Goodbye in Spanish?

Say Goodbye in Spanish

  • adiós – goodbye
  • chao – bye
  • hasta pronto – see you soon
  • hasta la vista – until we see each other again
  • nos vemos – see ya
  • ¡Hasta entonces! – Until then!
  • ¡Hasta la próxima! – Until next time!
  • Saludos y abrazos a todos. ¡Buena suerte! – Regards and hugs to everyone. Good luck!
  • Cuídate – Take care of yourself
  • ¡Bueno, que tengas un buen día! – Well, have a good day!
  • Hasta luego – See you later
  • Hasta la próxima semana – See you next week
  • Hasta el próximo lunes – See you next Monday

Say Goodbye in a written way or in a letter

You can use the following expressions to finish a letter or email

  • Saluda cordialmente a Ud. (formal) – Yours sincerely
  • Atentamente (formal) – Sincerely
  • Cariñosamente – Lovingly / Dearly (if it’s someone close to you or know you)
  • Marta y yo les deseamos lo mejor – Martha and I wish you the best
  • Dele mis saludos a ___ – Give my regards to ___ (unspecified person)
  • Quedo a la espera de tu/su respuesta – I look forward to your answer/reply.
  • Abrazos/Besos de parte de ___ – Hugs / Kisses from ___
  • Un saludo desde ___ (Londres, etc) – Greetings from ___ (London,  etc)
  • Con amor/Con cariño – With love
  • Escríbeme pronto – Write me soon!

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