Spanish for clothes

In this lesson, we will learn how to say names of different types of clothes in Spanish. This word list may come in handy when you go shopping in Spanish-speaking country! Let’s find out what Spanish to english words should be used to talk about clothing in Spanish.

Spanish for clothes

Below is a list of common clothes in Spanish.

  • Coat – El abrigo
  • Scraf – La bufanda
  • Jacket – La chaqueta
  • Leather jacket – La chaqueta de cuero
  • Raincoat – La gabardina / El impermeable
  • Sweatshirt – La sudadera
  • Cap – La gorra
  • A pair of gloves – Los guantes
  • Hat – El sombrero
  • Blouse – La blusa
  • Shirt – La camisa
  • Polo shirt – La camisa de polo
  • T-shirt – La camiseta
  • Cardigan – La rebeca
  • Sweater – El suéter
  • Pants / Trousers – Los pantalones
  • Jeans – Los jeans
  • Shorts – Los pantalones cortos
  • Dress – El vestido
  • Suit – El traje
  • Underpants – Los calzoncillos
  • Sandals – Las sandalias
  • Boots – Las botas
  • Slippers – Las zapatillas / Las pantuflas
  • Shoes – Los zapatos
  • Sneakers – Los tenis
  • High-heeled shoes – Los zapatos con tacón alto
  • Bathing suit / Swimsuit – El traje de baño
  • Bikini – El bikini

Spanish words for clothes and clothing

Spanish words for clothes and clothing

Hope that the word list of clothes in Spanish above can help you feel much more confident when going shopping in Spanish-speaking countries. And who knows, make be you can haggle the price!



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