How to write and say Thank you in Spanish

“Thank you” is probably one of the most important words that we need to know when learning a language. Now let’s find out how to say Thank you in Spanish, how to express your gratitude or your thanks in Spanish. What are Spanish words for saying thank you? And learn spanish to english language!

How to say thank you in Spanish

Gracias = Thank you

Gracias is the word for “thank you” in Spanish language. This word can be used in almost any context to express gratitude. It literally means “lots of graces” in English.

It can be pronounced as grass-ee-ass in Latin America and grath-ee-ass in Spain

Muchas gracias / Muchísimas Gracias  = Thanks a lot

How to write a formal Thank you in Spanish

Estoy agradecido = I am grateful ( if you are male)

Estoy agradecida = I am grateful (if you are female)

Con gracias anticipadas = Thank you in advance

Gracias señor = Thank you sir

Gracias señora = Thank you madam

Con gracias repetidas = Thank you again

Agradecimiento = Thank-you (noun)

Thank you in Spanish

How to say Thank you in Spanish

Some examples of saying thank you in Spanish

I appreciate the gift – Te agradezco el regalo

I feel grateful for the gift – Me siento agradecido

I am grateful for the gift – Estoy agradecido por el regalo / Estoy agradecida por el regalo

She told me that she was grateful to me for the weekend – Me dijo que me agradecía mucho por el fin de semana

Thanks for your understanding – Gracias por tu comprensión

Thank you, my friend, for everything you give me – Gracias, mi amigo, por todo lo que me das

A million thanks to our sponsors – ¡Un millón de gracias a nuestros patrocinadores!

Thank you very much for your application – Muchas gracias por su solicitud

I offer you my sincere thanks – Te ofrezco mis gracias sinceras

Hope that the above expressions may help you know how to show your gratitude in Spanish.


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