Personality adjectives – Spanish to English

A list of basic adjectives and words that you need to know about people personality and character. How to describe someone’s personality in Spanish and English

Spanish to English personality vocabulary

Personality is defined as a set of individual and personal differences affected by the development of an individual, from values, attitudes, relationships, habits, memories, etc.  There are thousands of words that we can use to talk about character or personality. Here we will give you a list of the most basic and common adjectives used to describe a person’s personality in both Spanish and English as well as how to make sentences using these words. Let’s find out!

Basic personality adjectives in Spanish and English

ambitious – ambicioso
annoying – pesado
bad-tempered – malhumorado
big-headed – creído
brave – valiente
careless –  descuidado
cautious  – cauteloso
conservative – conservador
smart – inteligente
crazy – nuts loco
cruel – cruel
charming – encantador
cheerful – alegre
dull, boring soso, aburrido
friendly – amigable, simpático, agradable
generous – generoso
hard-working – trabajador
honest – honesto
kind – amable
lazy – perezoso
stubborn – terco
loyal – fiel
mean – tacaño
modest – modesto
open-minded: imparcial
pesimistic – pesimista
realistic – realista
polite – cortés
selfish – egoísta
shy – introverted tímido, vergonzoso – introvertido
strict -estricto, severo, riguroso
stubborn- terco
trustworthy – digno de confianza

Personality in Spanish and English
Personality words in Spanish and English

How to describe a person’s personality

In English, to describe a person’s personality, you can say: I am/ He is/She is_____.

In Spanish, you say, Yo soy ______ or El/Ella es ______.

For example,

Yo soy bien educado – I’m well-educated.
Ella es linda – She is sweet.

Now it’s time to describe yourself or another person using personality words above and use them regularly in your daily conversation. Remember that you can’t judge a book by its cover. So you should watch carefully before giving and conclusion about a person’s personality. Take care when using negative adjectives when describe a person. It is much safer when you use neutral adjectives to talk about someone’s personality in case you can’t think of anything positive to say about them. Follow our site for more Spanish and English vocabulary list.


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