Spanish to English days and months

If you are on your very first step of learning English and Spanish, there will be, of course, some basic words that you need to know. Today, we will learn some new words in English and Spanish about days and months. How to say days of the week, months of the year in English and Spanish?  How to pronounce them correctly.  Let’s check out!

Spanish to English translation and vocabulary

Spanish to English days and months

Days of the week

Monday: lunes (LOOH-nayss)
Tuesday: martes (MAHR-tayss)
Wednesday: miércoles (mee-AIR-coh-layss)
Thursday: jueves (WHAY-vayss)
Friday: viernes (vee-AIR-nayss)
Saturday: sábado (SAH-bah-doh)
Sunday: domingo (doh-MEEN-goh)

Months of the year

January: enero (eh-NEH-ro)
February: febrero (feh-BREH-ro)
March: marzo (MAR-zo)
April: abril (ah-BRIL)
May: mayo (MAY-o)
June: junio (HOO-nio)
July: julio (HOO-lio)
August: agosto (ah-GO-sto)
September: septiembre/setiembre (se-TEE-YEM-bray)
October: octubre (ok-TOO-brey)
November: noviembre (no-VEE-YEM-bray)
December: diciembre (dee-CEE-YEM-bray)

Another words relating to days and weeks

today: hoy (OY)
yesterday: ayer(I-air)
tomorrow: mañana ( mahn-YAH-nah)
this week: esta semana (EHS-tah say-MAH-nah)
last week: la semana pasada (lah say-MAH-nah pah-SAH-dah)
next week: la semana que viene (lah say-MAH-nah kay vee-AYN-ay)

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